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Our goal is to make Revit easy to use and accessible to the average user.  We’re helping our clients navigate the BIM landscape by either strengthening or developing their BIM standards and providing talent and support for their most challenging projects. 

We’re looking for practitioners who have a true passion for design, construction, and digital technology.  Our clients value us because we’re design professionals first and BIM specialists second, delivering practical experience towards our use of Revit and other related BIM software.

Technology Matters

We absolutely love technology and believe that it’s a gateway for developing a more profitable design industry for the practitioners within it.  Although there are many great BIM platforms out there, Revit just happens to be our weapon of choice.  Besides, there’s an arsenal of plugins, rendering engines, cloud platforms, and other design software that integrates seamlessly into Revit.  We’re perfectly fine hanging out in this universe and hope you are too.

As a team member, you’ll have the benefit of always being on the cutting edge of software and technology within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.

People Matter

RevitGods invests heavily in leadership development and skills training.  If you have strong design skills but minimal Revit experience, we’ll train you internally before getting you started on a project.  It’s important to us that you get the training and support necessary to help you thrive within the industry.

At RevitGods, you’ll have the flexibility of either working from home or within an office depending on the project or assignment.  There’s always a new hat to wear or a new project to take on, providing true diversity in role and experience if that’s what you’re in to.

Everything in Between

To make Revit easy to use and accessible to the average user, we have to bridge the gap between people and technology. This takes building a crew of people who have solid communication skills, both written and verbal, and can help us bridge the gap when communicating with clients and customers. To us, communication is key and is what makes for a happy and productive work environment for our team of RevitGods.


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