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At RevitGods, we offer a comprehensive suite of BIM services tailored to meet the unique needs of building designers and contractors.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you maximize the power of BIM by optimizing collaboration, streamlining workflows, and providing customized solutions for your building projects.

BIM Standards

BIM Management

BIM Coordination

BIM Modeling

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BIM Standards

We recognize the importance of consistency and adherence to your internal design standards on your BIM projects. Our BIM Standards services help you establish best practices throughout your organization, helping you develop high-quality projects faster. 

Our BIM standards expertise includes:

BIM Managment

We empower project teams to focus on their core strengths by seamlessly handling the technical aspects of the BIM process. With our BIM Management services, you’ll witness heightened productivity, elevated work quality, and a boost in team morale. We collaborate closely with your team to instill best practices, troubleshoot issues, and invent new workflows to accelerate production.

Our BIM management expertise includes:

BIM Coordination

We specialize in optimizing designs and preventing construction rework with our BIM Coordination services. We’re focused on facilitating seamless collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams, resolving design conflicts, and ensuring a clash-free project outcome. Our seasoned experts establish clear BIM standards and collaboration protocols, guaranteeing a streamlined project delivery.

Our BIM coordination expertise includes:

BIM Modeling

Boost your production capacity with our BIM modeling services. We merge your design standards with our expert workflows for fast, accurate BIM models and family content. Drawing from our practical design experience, we seamlessly integrate into your teams, ensuring smooth collaboration and teamwork.

Our BIM modeling expertise includes:

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