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BIM Standards

5 Things Your Revit Template Can’t Live Without

1. View Templates

View Templates give you the power to control the style of each view you assign to it. This is perfect if you want consistency across all of your floor plans, sections or elevations. For example, if you always work with a particular scale in plan and in black and white, view templates will take care of this for you.

2. Browser Organization

Browser Organization keeps your views neat and tidy. By default, Revit organizes views by view type, but it doesn’t need to stop there! Browser Organization can be further tailored to suit the way you manage your team’s workflow. For example, BIM practices often emphasize the importance of having Working Views separate from Presentation Views. Having this feature built-in to your Browser Organization means that you can spend less time on being more organized.

3. Kit of Families

Half of the battle in drafting in Revit is having the necessary Families available to represent the design. Families will absolutely save you time as they can represent 3D volumes, 2D linework and also store data. Families are far more superior than detailing with lines that cannot be used again and again.

4. Wall Types

Having an adequate library of Wall Types is essential for a project to develop smoothly. Staying consistent in how wall types are named will help everyone in your team understand the purpose of the wall. Secondly, spending time to specify the make-up of each wall will make it far more easily to detail when a project switches from Design to Construction.

5. Line Styles

Line Styles are the key to creating visually stunning drawings. Drafting with different line weights gives hierarchy to the details being shown on the screen and improves the quality of the drawing. By default, Revit only provides a handful of Line styles for the user. However, spending time to develop a library of different line styles will pay dividends to your Revit workflow.

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