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5 Tips for Managing a Project in Revit

Managing a project team always comes with its set of challenges, and leading a Revit project team is no different. Principals and project managers must navigate a series of unique needs when doing business in Revit. To help team leaders anticipate these needs, we’ve provided five tips that are critical in streamlining each phase to boost productivity and focus expectations

1. Clarify a Level of Development (LOD) from the start.

When responding to an RFP, ask the client if the model will need to be provided at the end of the project and what type of visualizations they’ll need. This will let you know how much or how little to model.

2. Add a Model Manager to your team.

A Model Manager is someone who understands both Revit and your given design field, and can ensure that the project’s design intent is well executed in the model. Depending on team needs, this can be a standalone position or rolled into the role of a team member such as the Project Architect or Production Support.

3. Learn to manage people’s OCD.

Just because you can model everything in Revit, doesn’t mean you should. Remember, you’re only building what you need for each project, so communication of expectations and deadlines is critical to helping your team prioritize.

4. Do as much as possible as early as possible to minimize downtime.

Ask yourself, “What can I give for people to earlier?” Your team can get ahead of the curve by working on components that may be needed later in the project such as kit families and interior elevations. This can help prevent any delays once it’s crunch time.

5. Consider BIM 360 tools for enhanced collaboration.

BIM 360 allows for easy project coordination within your team and with outside contributors. This subscription-based platform makes remote collaboration and in real-time data sharing as effective as if all contributors were in the same office. This post from Autodesk’s Official Revit Blog provides some key benefits for moving collaboration from server to cloud and includes tips for getting started.

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