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BIM Modeling

How to pyRevit with creator Ehsan Iran-Nejad

What is pyRevit?

pyRevit is a compact open-source add-on to Revit that provides Revit users with a console where you can use Python scripting to automate tasks and perform custom functions in Revit.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of using the Python programming language to interact with and manipulate Revit model data.

  • Use pyRevit preloaded tools to complete common project analysis and development tasks that are not possible with the standard Revit interface.

  • Prototype their own automation tools for completing complex BIM tasks using Python.

  • Distribute their custom-developed tools to their teams using the unified pyRevit interface.

About the Presenter

Ehsan Iran-Nejad is an architect and developer who has spent years designing spaces, serving as a BIM Manager, and doing software development for companies like Tesla. Curiosity is his power and making things better, his purpose. Ehsan now spends his time developing software at McNeel, the creator of Rhino. His main focus is supporting the integration of Rhino/GH ecosystem into Revit.

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