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Using BIM as a Gateway to Increase Diversity in Architecture

Event Description

In today’s building design industry, more owners require BIM technology to execute projects, plan and coordinate construction, and extract data for ongoing facilities management. To meet these demands, architects will need to introduce non-traditional roles into their practice to remain competitive and take advantage of growth opportunities within the BIM industry.

We believe that to meet the increasing demand for BIM and other emerging technologies, firms will need to shepherd in talent that may not have traditional four-year degrees or architectural backgrounds. Because the new world of work is remote, it should be easier for firms to find suitable talent.

Our goal is to deliver a short workshop that demonstrates the current state of the BIM industry and where the future of it is heading. We will show programming concepts that explore new and effective methods of BIM modeling and coordination that enable coders, technologists, technical writers, and analysts to become a part of the building design process. We will also facilitate a discussion that explores how firms can remain competitive, expand their service offerings, and increase revenue.

With the inclusion of new roles and the ability to hire talent from all over the world, we’ll build a more profitable and dynamic industry.

About the Presenter

Uchenna Okere is a BIM specialist based out of Philadelphia, PA, who has helped several firms throughout the Northeast region learn Revit and implement BIM standards. He actively leads the BIM Coordination efforts on several high-profile construction projects while serving as a consultant to solve the most complex BIM issues. Uchenna is formally trained in Architecture with experience working on multi-family residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

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